The Profile resource allows you to:

  • Collect a user’s profile via GET

Collecting the Profile

To collect a user’s profile, you make a GET request to the Profile resource:

If your request is valid, you’ll get a 200 Ok status and a data response similar to this:

   "downvotes": 4,
   "name": "Ash Rust",
   "resource_uri": "/api/v1/profile/",
   "sendhub_number": "(555) 555-5555",
   "unread": 2,
   "upvotes": 12,
   "username": "6501234567"

Available Fields:

All fields in the Profile resource are read only.

Name Explanation
name The name of the user.
username The user’s username.
sendhub_number The user’s SendHub number.
upvotes The total upvotes the user has received.
downvotes The total downvotes the user has received.
unread The number of messages currently unread for the user.